Masonry and Stone Cleaner
Masonry and Stone Cleaner

Masonry and Stone Cleaner

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Delphis Eco EU Ecolabel accredited Masonry and Stone Cleaner removes deep stains, moss, algae, oil, grease, traffic film, soot, lime scale, rust, charcoal and efflorescence (white, fluffy salt deposits also called salt-petering) from masonry and stone, including granite, concrete and porcelain.

✓ fast acting
✓ safe to use indoors
✓ effective with hard and soft water
✓ reduced impact on aquatic life
✓ reduced use of hazardous substances
✓ phosphate and phosphonate free
✓ safe in septic tanks
✓ readily biodegradable
✓ not tested on animals 

Two sizes: 750ml and 5ltr